Alumex Windows

    Aluminium windows can be made in a number of different styles and with Alumex be ensured that all of the work will be done according to your specifications and designed to meet your wants and needs. In addition to the aesthetics, you can customise your fixtures for functionality that would suit your own individual lifestyle. With us you have a wide range to choose from that include below:

  • Casement/Projected Windows


    Top & Side Hung Casement Windows - Our Top hung casement windows comes with a number of openings and sidelights/fixed panels. These windows can be supplied with Single Glazing or Double Glazing.

  • Sliding Windows


    Sliding Windows - Our Sliding Windows comes in two different ways that include patio and vista-fold stacking windows.

  • Double Glazed/& Fixed Pane Windows


    Double Glazed Windows- Double glazing provides more security and it insulates against outside noise making your rooms more quiet and peaceful. Our double glazed windows also reduce energy costs by reducing heat loss and cold loss.